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The Samba cutting board

Brazil...icking Good!

Bull Grill Brazil
The Carnival cutting board
The Samba cutting board

Our Menu

When you hear the word Samba and Carnival what comes to your mind? Brazil, music, dance, heat? Well that's exactly why we have chosen The Carnival and The Samba to be the names of our two meals. These names represent exactly what our food is. The Carnival is more traditional and although not spicy hot is packed with colour and flavour reminiscent of typical Brazilian barbecues. The Samba will give you flavour with hot spicy twist making you want to dance to the rhythm.

Our menu is based on typical Brazilian weekend barbecues: good quality meat, potato salad, vinaigrette, sausage, BBQ sauce and without a doubt our infamous garlic sauce. This combination is not only tasty but healthy.


Picanha in cutting board


‘Picanha’ is the number one choice for a good barbecue. It can be roasted in slices or as a whole joint; on the spit or the grill. Its unique flavour and delicious taste is due to its generous layer of fat which should never be removed before cooking. For flavouring, we only use salt.

Sausage in cutting board


We offer two types of sausage on our menu. Samba sausage - a locally produced sausage packed with heat and flavour for those who love spice. Brazilian style sausage – the champion of Brazilian barbecues. This is made from pork and seasonings. Nothing compares to this unique taste and texture.

Salad in cutting board


Salad accompaniments such as vinaigrette (tomato, onion, parsley, olive oil, salt and vinegar) and potato salad are never missing from the typical Brazilian barbecue. A simple yet perfect combination for a barbecue.
To top off our unique menu, our special homemade garlic sauce and unique hot BBQ sauce (for those who like more of a kick) ultimately produce a perfect blend of flavour. Each crafted from a unique combination of all natural and fresh ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients added.