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Who we are

About Us

Our story began in 2010, when two people, one from Brazil and the other from England united. We had both been living in Brazil for some time yet the fusion of these two cultures brought about new ideas and flavours. We both worked together as house managers and our most challenging yet rewarding task involved showcasing our culinary skills. We highly enjoyed preparing food that pleased the palate of both the household and guests. Our ability to shop carefully for quality and to manage the kitchen for efficiency, cleanliness and cost effectiveness were valued by our employers with whom we remain good friends to this day.

Bull Grill Brazil

In 2012, we moved to the UK and here we came up with new and exciting ideas. I could not forget my roots as a Brazilian and yet found it difficult at first to find the right ingredients. After many ideas, we decided we had to showcase Brazilian cuisine here in the UK and favoured our classic, the barbecue. For us, the Brazilian barbecue has no equal. Brazil has an abundant supply of meat in a variety of different cuts yet its simplicity and undeniable taste make the Brazilian barbecue a winning combination. As we have discovered, it’s a favourite of young and old alike. We love meat and want everyone to enjoy a good quality steak.

Of course, we need to work to live, but having the joy of seeing others enjoy our food, fills us with great satisfaction.
After catering at several private events, we decided that it was time to broaden our horizons. ‘Grill Brazil’ was officially launched on August 31, 2016 which, coincidently, falls on the same date we got married. The idea of street food appealed to us since we love direct contact with people. The fact that people can see us cooking hot food with fresh ingredients in front of their eyes and of ​​not being tied to one location was so appealing. Now we can truly spread the Brazilian flavour across the UK.

Grilled Picanha

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers an unforgettable experience in taste and flavour. We use the best suppliers, ensuring our meat is fully traceable and safe and our ingredients are fresh and authentic. Not only is delivering a product which is irresistibly mouth-watering our mission, we also strive to do business using products that have minimum impact on the environment.

Our Name

The word ‘Grill’ allows you to quickly discern that we offer our customers food off the grill, conjuring up the words ‘charcoal - hot - barbecue – fresh’; ‘Brazil’ the words ‘joy - colour - warmth – steak’.

We may not be able to bring you the sunshine from Brazil but we can share the warmth of a friendly service and good food. Grill Brazil has come to stay and share the Brazilian cuisine, the culture and the people. ‘Brazil…icking good’ is our motto, as you’ll be blown away by our mouth-watering flavours, coming back for more.

We plan to gradually introduce different dishes to our menu giving customers in the UK a taste of Brazil.

Logo Grill Brazil in cutting board

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our establishment. Take a look at our events page and come and visit us, you will be made very welcome.

Anderson & Nicky

Founders of Grill Brazil